Bringing Git BASH in line with the Future…er, Present

Starting back in October of 2020, GitHub changed the default branch of all new repositories from “master” to “main” for the comfort of an increasingly diverse pool of developers around the world. Other industries have made similar changes, like realtors referring to what was once known as the “master bedroom” to the “primary bedroom.”

Problematic Language

However, Git for Windows has yet to make this change for Git BASH. For a newbie like me, that caused some problems. There were plenty of articles on how to make your old repositories embrace the new standard, but it took me a lot of Google-Fu to finally dig-up the answer on how to get Git BASH up to date. Let me save you some headache! It’s so easy — just one command line in Git BASH:

This command changes the global default branch setting, so now all your new projects will be up to date!

Be inclusive.

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