We learned how to build our project as an executable, but, to paraphrase Lisa Simpson, our “quick-fix, one-hour photo, instant-oatmeal society” doesn’t want to deal with all that — they want to be able to go to a webpage in their browser and just PLAY a game! Enter the WebGL build.

After clicking “Build,” we’ll have three files. These files can be uploaded to our organization’s webpage, and players can visit the URL to play our game!

If we don’t have a webpage, there exist several servers that will host your game for you. is free and has a simple interface. We just drag-and-drop the folder Unity built for us onto . The site will ask you to name your game and allow to customize your link.

That’s it! Our game is deployed on the “Interwebz” for family, friends, and rando surfers to play!

An independent Unity Developer.