Introduction to Timeline in Unity

Let’s prep a cut scene. First we’ll need to import Cinemachine from the Package Manager. Then we’ll create two virtual cameras for the different shots we want to use.

Sneak-up on the sleeping guard…
Sneak-up on the sleeping guard…

Now we go to Window > Timeline, select our cutscene Gameobject container, and Create a new Timeline. We’ll remove the Animator component since we won’t be using it, leaving us with a Playable Director component.

Now we got to Add > Cinemachine.Timeline > Cinemachine Track.

Our Timeline will want a Cinemachine Brain component. This can be found on our main camera. We’ll set our Timeline to seconds rather than frames for better control over the timing of the cutscene.

Next we select Add Cinemachine Shot Clip and assign one of our virtual cameras to it. We’ll add another shot clip and assign the other virtual camera there.

We can then adjust the time of each clip, and even give them some overlap for a nice blended transition!

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